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Part-time accounting specialists for 1 month

4 hours per week for one month
  • Track your billable hours
  • Update your bills and vendor invoices
  • Create reports of who and what you've paid for
  • Prepare and file 1099s
  • Sort your products and inventory
  • Prepare payment proposals for your clients
  • Keep your bank account and financial records matched
  • Sort your expenses into its respective tax categories

Small to medium-sized business owners needing to save on operation costs by outsourcing efficient accounting specialists

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Automate your accounting process with the help of an experienced certified public accountant.


4 hours per week for one month

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Client will work with a part-time accountant who is knowledgeable in QuickBooks.The resource can do the following:
Accounts Payable Processing
To avoid late payments, we keep your bills and vendor invoices update and accurate.

Accounts Receivable Processing
We automate your invoices to reduce manual entries and errors.

Bank Reconciliations
We ensure your financial records matched your bank accounts to avoid an overdrawn account.

Just let us know in advance should you decide to resign from our services and we will support you to transition smoothly. Transparent communication and commitment are must-haves to ensure quality of services.
We can provide accounting and bookkeeping services on either a full-time, staff leasing basis or on an hourly basis at US$12.00 per hour if over 15 hours per week or US$15.00 per hour if less than 15 hours per week. Should you decide to pursue this on a long-term basis, we can arrange a better rate for our services and a more detailed services agreement.
1. In the event of Client non-payment for services, the company reserves the right to reduce service, terminate service and/or terminate this agreement. This agreement does not authorize the company to contract for, or act in the name of Client, or to hire personnel as employees of Client, or to otherwise act on behalf of, or hold itself out as an agent or representative of Client. Outsource Accelerator shall act as an independent contractor and all Staff shall be employees of or engaged by Outsource Accelerator's Local Entity and in no sense shall be deemed to be employees of or engaged by Client. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership or joint venture between the parties. Recipient shall hold all Confidential Information received during the term of this Agreement in confidence during the term of this Agreement and for four (4) years thereafter (“Confidentiality Period”), and Recipient shall protect all such Confidential Information with the utmost care to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure. Outsource Accelerator and Client agree that during the term of this Agreement and for a period of twenty-four (24) months after termination of this Agreement, whether voluntary or involuntary or with or without cause, they will not, on their own behalf or consultant of any other person or entity, directly or indirectly, contact, solicit or induce (or attempt to solicit or induce) any employee of the other party (including OA's Local Entity) to leave their employment with or consider employment with any other person or entity.
Outsource Accelerator will not be liable for any damages connected to the use or performance of this site.
Contact us for any dispute or complaint and we will answer with utmost urgency. Our highly-trained staff will listen to your concerns and coordinate with the necessary department/s to make sure you are satisfied with our services.
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