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Full time customer support specialists for $1299

Cebu Tele-net
Experienced customer service agents for start ups
  • Write product descriptions
  • Input order information
  • Update customer records
  • Document product complaints
  • Real-time chat assistance
  • Record automated messages

E-Commerce Companies, Taxi, Non Emergency Transport, Limousines, Technical Help Desk, Small to Medium Organizations, Newly Launched Products

$1,299.00 No Cashback

1 month


Reliable customer support specialists to whom you can count on to attend to all your customer's needs.


1 month

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(+44) 033 022 33792

For more than two decades, we have been providing reliable customer support for startup businesses belonging to different industries. By taking the time to understand every client’s needs, we are able to address their concerns and even exceed their expectations.

Get a team of customer support agents dedicated to client-related tasks, as well as attending to complaints and possible escalations. Our resource agents use headsets especially designed to reduce background noise, making sure agents understand your clients clearly.

Our support team will reach out to your customers to get feedback about your products and services. We also draft questionnaire-based surveys that can be accomplished via phone, e-mail, fax, and direct mail.

"Here are the things that we need from clients: Detailed process flow of how they are currently doing it. Service Expectations when it comes to KPI or SLA. Number of Heads that they need. History or Call Volume (okay to have none) Schedule Requirement (if you have certain hours that you want us to service, okay to have none) Training Materials (okay to have none, just indicate). Call Recordings if ever there is Quality Guidelines Detailed Statement of Work"
Cebu tele-net would have real time analysis on what is happening with the call volume to inform clients about future needs. We would also continuously check the KPI of there is a need to adjust it because it is easy or hard for us to hit based on analytics.
1. Assigned agent/s should have at least six (6) months experience in the call center industry i.e. (depending on the requirement). Assigned agent/s should be interviewed by the client before being accepted. (if they want) Assigned agent/s will undergo Language enhancement training before being endorsed to Product training. Commits to a 90% – 95% scheduled adherence. 24/7/365 Uptime A onetime deposit is required before training could start. Standard contract length is six (6) months with a 30 days notification. Billing is set every 30th day of the month (net 5) Each agent is set with a minimum of 40 hours per week. Overtime request should be made at least four (4) hours before the intended time. No additional cost will be charged for the client but will just maintain the hourly rate. Additional Agent request for Ramp should be made at least two weeks before the intended date of “Live”. No additional cost for the client during Philippine and US Holidays. Normal Hourly rate is applied. Rate quoted is in US Dollars. No adjustments will be made for currency fluctuation during the term of this agreement. Weekly client meeting is encouraged to discuss areas for improvements for the first month of “Live” Nature of Agreement: This Agreement does not construe a business venture nor a business partnership but a vendor relationship. Training Rate is normally half of the normal or Live rate. Technical Set up Cost: FIRST Party requires SECOND Party a $50 one-time technical set up fee per agent that will be used to set up the requirements for the SECOND Party’s requirement. Inclusions: Work Station set up, ViciDial or dialer set up or customization, one TFN and CRM installation. This does NOT include high level customization and extra DID requirements or additional TFN orders. CLIENT can request for agent replacement for reasons like but not limited to non-performance. Second Party is required to send the request at least a week before the effective date.
Due to foreseen rise in labor cost FIRST AND SECOND PARTY agrees on an annual discussion of hourly rate appreciation set between 2% – 5%.
On the start of the project a weekly meeting is encouraged to discuss areas of opportunity. After that, it would be up to the client to determine the frequency. If the client/s are not satisfied on the 3rd month of our services, then they can give us a 30 day notice wherein the deposit will be used as last payment. However, if within the 30 days notice our services exceed or meet the client's goal then the contract continues. SECOND PARTY’s request, FIRST PARTY will defend any claims or allegations against SECOND PARTY, its divisions, subsidiaries, the assignees of each, and their directors, officers, agents and employees and hold them harmless against any and all loss arising out of or related to FIRST PARTY’s representation and/or obligations hereunder.
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