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Collections – Lite Solutions

Focus on growing your business while hammerjack collect what is owed.
  • Free your time to focus on core revenue
  • Shorten your collections cycle
  • Receive timely and accurate reports
  • We handle investigations and enquiries
  • Up and running within 10 business days
  • Proven collections framework
  • Upwards of 70% average recovery

We’ve built our services around the small and midsize business market, so we understand how important your customer relationships are.

$199.00 No Cashback
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Up and running within 10 business days.


You've done the work, it's time to get paid. Our services collect upwards of 70% of whats owed, all for a cost effective monthly amount.


We use the first 10 days to set up your campaign and the remainder of the month getting your money in. No commissions, no hidden costs.

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(+44) 033 022 33792

Our collections specialists are experts at collecting your outstanding debts.

We understand and learn your current collections process, systems and pain points. Depending on what you have in place we can make recommendations based on our experience with other customers.

We work with you to define your collections and contact strategy, including:

• Target setting and key areas of focus • Contact frequency, follow-up approach and actions • Develop your do-not-call list (your VIPs) • Define negotiation framework

We get to work on collecting what’s owed.

We’ve built our services around the small and midsize business market, so we understand how important your customer relationships are.
During the first month we assess all areas while collecting what owed to you, these include, aged debt life, volumes, customers and your business culture. We will then provide you a report that outlines an on-going subscription to continue to collect. We don't charge any commission and all the money goes directly into your bank account. You can cancel at any time with 30 days written notice.
hammerjack Lite Solutions are provided on a subscription basis and shall be for a period of one (1) month from commencement date. Unless terminated in accordance herewith, this Standard Terms and Conditions, the term will roll in to the next month and will continue to do so unless otherwise cancelled. 1. hammerjack will be responsible for management performance and output levels within agreed ranges. During setup and nesting period (1 to 2 weeks), an allowance will be made to account for the learning curve of the campaign. This allowance will be agreed between all parties, prior to kickoff.
These products, sales and service programs may be enhanced or discontinued at hammerjack’s sole discretion.
hammerjack takes its service very seriously and will always work with customers to ensure the best outcomes. You will be assigned an Australian based Account Manager who you may call at anytime to discuss any complaints. Either Party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon giving written notice to the other if: the other Party commits a breach of this Agreement and failed to cure such breach within thirty (30) days from receipt of a request in writing from the notifying Party.
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