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Premium web design SEO design content writing for $1,299

FULL Website Design Keyword Research Content Video Ad Graphic Design
  • Premium WP theme of your choice
  • Free company logo design
  • 5 optimized landing pages
  • 30 500-word blog posts
  • 1 10-second video ad
  • $200 worth of graphic design services
  • 30 Yoast-approved keywords
  • 150 long-tail keywords
  • 10 articles (for your approval)
  • Free Facebook page setup

Startup business owners who want to revamp their brand identity and enhance their customer experience.

$1,299.00 No Cashback
From $2736.5, down to $1299

Delivered within 15 business days


User-friendly web design that attracts visitors and reinforce your corporate identity.


You will get the right traffic your business deserves.

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User-friendly interface increases customer activity on your page making it easier for you to convert leads into sales. This is we create designs with users in mind.

Web Design
An effective web design makes it easier for your customers to read your content. We will assist you in keeping the perfect alignment of your content, including the visual images and buttons on your website.

Graphic Design
Using eye-catching graphics is one way to attract attention–but our graphic design services go beyond that. We help brands gain recognition and invite customers to want to learn about your product.

For the Keyword Research: Category Niche Target Location (if preferred) For the Web Content & Blog Posts: Tone Point of View Image Requirements (quantity, dimensions, placement in the article, etc.) References/ Sources, if any WP Admin URL and login details For the Video Ad: Preferred dimensions Color hues/ Website theme Company logo (vector) Script/ Outline of sequence
What Happens If You Make This a Weekly Order? You will continue enjoying this special $1,299.00 discounted price from the regular price of $294.00 if you make this a weekly order. You get the same quality of service and the same VIP treatment at a very reasonable price. By making this a weekly order, your articles will have a consistent tone and style because we will assign the same writer(s) in your projects. What Happens If You Missed a Week? We may assign a new writer when you place a new order after missing a week or so. You must avoid this to maintain the consistent style in writing. We want to establish familiarity on your requirements. We can achieve that if you consistently place an order weekly. One-Stop Digital Marketing Shop: Aside from our special packages, you may also want us to help you maintain your other websites and manage your social media accounts! Have more time in business management and achieve a work-life balance when you let us handle your content management. No additional fees. No other obligations. Place an order on a weekly basis. Let's get this started!
All company policies, terms, and conditions on our website apply to this package. Our Terms of Service can be found here: You may read our Privacy Policy here: Check out our Refund Policy here: We accept revision requests within reason. For example, if we unintentionally overlooked a keyword density requirement, we will revise our work. However, if you're going to ask us to revise our work by inserting a few more keywords because you forgot to add them in your instructions, that's not a revision request but an additional request. Additional requests are subject to an additional payment.
We do not provide content that is adult-oriented, for illegal prescriptions, horoscope, and anything related to paganism and the occult.
If we've missed anything based on your original instructions, you may send a detailed revision request within seven days after the delivery of the package. We do not offer refunds for any projects. If there is a change to a project after the scope of work has been finalized, we can credit the amount of time that was removed towards future work with iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. However, the cost of other tasks may increase because we often give bulk rates for bulk work. Therefore, we may not be able to give full credit for excised pieces of a proposal. We do not offer refunds or project cancellations. If a project is canceled or abandoned, the client remains responsible for any outstanding payments which are due to iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc.
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